To Exceed the expectations of our patients and their loved ones.

To support our clinicians in a way that respects their talent and encourages their professional growth and autonomy.

To foster meaningful partnerships with our clients that produces a more profitable and sustainable business model than ever imagined.

Sterling Staffing Solutions provides contract employment opportunities for Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nurses, and Social Worker positions across Texas. We specialize in providing medical staffing services to home health agencies. In addition, we offer placement for temporary and permanent positions within rehab facilities and hospitals as well. Our dedicated staff of highly-trained professionals are standing by to assist you.

Sterling Staffing Solutions exceed my expectation!!
The staff is all reliable, professional and responsible Apple is a delight to work with!
Sheila Jones , RN, DON, , UpCare Home Health
One of the many reasons I am grateful for having Sterling Staffing Solutions as a therapy company is there consistent communication with our home health agency. When a patient is hospitalized, has a fall, or even high blood pressure Sterling Staffing notifies our agency. Now, most of these things are required for the therapist to call the agency and notify them. The unique thing about Sterling Staffing Solutions is they call to let you know when the patient was Evaluated, and let you know the frequency the therapist has recommended. They also call to let you know when the patient was Discharged. Their office personnel is exceptional, they are courteous and will work with the agency towards the best interest of the patient. Because of their exceptional office personnel, we can easily collaborate on a patients special needs if need be. Overall, we appreciate their business, just as much as they appreciate ours. You ladies are outstanding! Thank you for working with us five days a week, every week.
Lauren Hendon, Office Manager, AP Home Health Care Services